Are you GDPR compliant?

OS2datascanner is a cutting-edge data scanning solution. The system provides efficient and reliable protection, and ensures both GDPR compliance and high-level data quality in your organisation.

Administrationsmodul - OS2datascanner
Administrationsmodul - OS2datascanner

Overview of sensitive data

Developed with security first

User-friendly interface

Scanning all data sources

The OS2datascanner system can easily target a variety of data sources, both those internal to your organisation and those in the cloud. Websites, OneDrive, network shares, Exchange, Office 365 – there are no limitations, and new data sources can easily be added to the system.


OS2datascanner’s web crawler can find both sensitive information and broken links on public and private websites.

File and drive scanning

Fast and efficient scanning of all common file types, images, and documents. Compressed files are automatically unpacked.

Mail scanning

Are you using a traditional on-premises Exchange installation or cloud-based Office 365? OS2datascanner supports both platforms, and can scan all mail content and attached files.

Foruddefinerede regler - OS2datascanner

Use predefined rules

OS2datascanner is an easy to use system since it includes a variety of predefined rules scanning for sensitive data, such as: CPR numbers, Names, Health terms, Credit card numbers, Addresses, Email addresses.

Tilpas scanning - OS2datascanner

Customize scanning

OS2datascanner’s administration module makes it easy and simple for an IT administrator to define and combine rules for your specific needs. Such a “criterion engine” is a powerful and flexible tool for everyone working with data protection.

Individuel rapport - OS2datascanner

Receive individual report

The report module generates an individual overview of the scan results, which the system automatically assigns to the data controller. The individual employee thus obtains the full overview of the data to be handled.

Følg udvikling - OS2datascanner

Monitor progress

OS2datascanner’s statistics module presents several different data visualizations, which gives the data controller and the management a quick picture of the current situation in your organization.

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